Welcome! I am so excited to share this adventure with you. My journey started back in elementary school when I decided I wanted to be a doctor and I have been chasing that dream ever since. I went to NYU where I received my B.A. in biology and played on the women's golf team. I went straight into medical school at NYIT-COM (NYCOM) and, during my 3rd year clerkships, discovered my love for pediatrics. In 2014, I spent an additional year working on my masters in neuromusculoskeletal sciences. It was then that I developed a passion for teaching and academic medicine, which is where I hope to take my career. Thirteen years later I am finally in my dream fellowship: pediatric hospital medicine. 

As the first physician in my family, the process was a lot of trial and error. Throughout this time I have met so many wonderful mentors and I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for their guidance and honest answers. They have inspired me to give back and try to help others in the same way. This journey has been full of mistakes, successes, surprises, failures, and so much happiness, and I hope this blog will allow me to honestly share all these experiences with you. 

My life has three constants: medicine, family, and golf. Some days are more focused on one than the other, but I couldn't imagine a world without all three. I invite you to explore my posts about all of these topics and reach out. From a simple "hello" to a serious question about medicine (or golf!), I am so happy to hear from you and connect!


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