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Forget gold, platinum is my latest obsession—and I’m not talking about the jewelry. In residency we often work three out of four weekends per month and our “full weekend” off is called a “golden weekend.” We live for these golden weekends. Two full days of doing whatever we need to do. Sleep, family, socialize. Whatever it is, you got it. Last year we were not allowed to work 24-hour shifts, which meant that the longest weekend we would get was a full Saturday and a full Sunday.

Fast-forward to second year and the wonderful life of 24-hour shifts and platinum weekends—a.k.a. post-call Friday with Saturday and Sunday off. Call me crazy but I love it! 24-hour shifts sound intimidating, and they can be long, but having that extra half-day on Fridays is life-changing.

This past weekend was one of those special platinum weekends. I came home and napped before spending a glorious hour in the gym followed by dinner and a movie at home with the hubs.


On Saturday I woke up well rested and slowly sipped a cup of coffee and did some reading before heading back to the gym for a barre class. The evening was spent with old friends and some shenanigans in my favorite city in the world.

Sunday was a perfectly rainy day to read about some things I had seen in the PICU the week before and do all those chores I had been delaying. I finished off this perfect platinum weekend with some meal prep and planning for the week ahead! This all sounds so simple, and it is. Sometimes simple is just what the doctor ordered.

I’d love to hear how you spend your golden/platinum weekends! Comment below :)


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