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On Monday I will be starting a month-long elective at ABC News as part of their medical team. From what I understand, we will be involved in reviewing medical stories, research, and content across all of ABC’s platforms (digital, GMA, news, etc.).


My goal is to see and do as much as possible. I tried talking to residents who have previously done the rotation, and they all said that every day is different and everyone has a different rotation experience. Because of this, I can’t go in saying, “I want to write 5 articles,” or “I’m going to try to do a digital news video,” because it really depends on what is happening in the medical world when I am there.

Instead, I want to use this time to say “YES” to every opportunity that comes my way. It may mean really long days on my “call-free” elective, but it will most definitely be worth it.

1. Meet at least one new person everyday. By “meet,” I mean get their name and learn their place within the company.

2. Have coffee with a new person every week. This means four new people to sit down and have a full conversation with.

3. Write something every single day. I think writing will be a natural part of my job at ABC, but I want to make a conscious effort to focus on the written word while I am there.

Stay tuned for some medical journalism fun!


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