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Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Last month I had the honor of being interviewed by the incredible Frank Cusimano, a D.O./Ph.D. candidate who, in the midst of the last year of his Ph.D. work, has managed to start a medical podcast. The podcast, appropriately named Surviving Medicine, captures physicians and medical students at all different levels of their training.

I met Frank at a NYC Instagram meet up over the summer and he has been an inspiring and motivational presence on my Instagram feed ever since. I urge you, whatever level of training you are, to go check out his podcast and listen to some of the brilliant people he has interviewed.

Some of my favorites? Alok Patel, Mike Natter, and Dr. Kate MD.

Go get inspired.

Homepage: http://survivingmedicine.org/

My episode: http://survivingmedicine.org/052_theresa_scot


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